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Earth, hurtling through the cosmos, is tilted on its axis. But not just at any angle, the perfect angle. It's a 23 degree tilt that makes it possible for humanity to thrive. A few more degrees in either direction and life as we know it wouldn't exist. 


Tilt23 serves as a metaphor not just for the impact we want our work to have on our clients but it also represents who we are. 

We fundamentally believe that each of us has the responsibility to make the world a place where all humans can thrive. Therefore we are committed to kindness, equity, justice and wellness.

In the end, Tilt23 is more than a name, it is a way of life.

(Yes, we used to be The Story shop. Read more.)

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Some of us love cats. We all love dogs. We're vegans and meat eaters, but we don't fight about it. We all enjoy sharing a meal together. We drink a lot of coffee and tea and beer. We like old school video games just as much as the new ones. We watch more movies than we care to admit. We prefer Instagram over Facebook and Twitter but probably spend too much time on all of them. About half of us remember and loved the 80s. All of us loved the 90s. We all agree that over is better than under. We laugh a lot. We watch the Super Bowl for the ads. Celebrating our differences is just as important as what we share in common.


Most of all, we give a damn about each other and our work.

We're all grown up now but we were cute kids.

Hannah Myers Lindgren
Kyle Fisher
Sarah King
David Neidert
Luke Renner
Jon Pianki